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ProteusSF RBE 008b, il mio derivativo da Stockfish GPLv3 open source GRATIS per tutti gli appassionati di scacchi!
Di Alex (del 18/06/2022 @ 08:27:16, in Giochi intelligenti, letto 2428 volte)
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Updated to Stockfish May 21, 2022 with new Neural Net!

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featuring TCEC 2022 (Most reliable chess engines tournament worldwide)
ProteusSF unbalanced openings test against top engines & other customized books!

Download Superfinal Jeroen Noomen selection unbalanced opening test suite
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June 18, 2022 - New huge learning file with latest won games against top engines & books on best hardware! Download & replace the existing one:
ProteusSF.exp-180622 598.5 MB

IMPORTANT: Use Eduard Nemeth's Predator 2.2 book or latest Solista-010622.bin book for best performance on all engine-engine tournaments!

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